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KD-25 Crack Router

KD-25 Crack Router from China Doan,Asphalt Road Crack Router For Sale ,Crack router can be used for pavement repairing or trench excavation in the sectors of road, municipal engineering, construction, gas and telecommunication.

  • > Application: Mainly applied to the construction of expressway, grade roads, municipal roads, airports, ports etc and ideal for production of asphalt mixture, modified asphalt mixture, color asphalt mixture…



Shanghai Doan Crack Router

(1) Motor

Equipped by imported gasoline motor,hydraulic ejector bin, air cooling,spiral oil filter, electronic ignition and spark advanced equipment.The air door and controller for rotate speed of engine can satisfy the fast start under different temperature surroundings. And the emergency switch for motor.

(2) Air Filter Setting

Adopt double filter setting and turn piece pre-cleaner with tertiary air filter, 98% pollutants will be filtered when air comes into the second filter setting, guarantee the work life of engine for maximum.

(3) Depth Of Slotting

Pure imported six pieces one set including alloy cutting head and small blades meet different kinds of angles during slotting of crack sealing operations,ensure the accuracy ,tidiness and good appearance. max cut depth:30mm,cut width:10-50 mm.


Trolley, single bearing, double wheels, easier and more safe when upgrade and downgrade.

(5) Security Protection

High property of 12 voltage accumulator, no need to maintain, charging automatically,equipped under the shelf of oil tank, protect from attack and corrosion.

(6) Spiale Bearing

32mm detachable spiale bearing equipped at the frame of crack router,with two separately supporting bearing, no need to cut or weld during the repair and replace.

(7) Cutting Plate

Cutting plate adopt one pair of φ306×31mm carbon steel products.Sets equipped at the 43mm bearing according to taper standard .There are 6 pieces hard alloy cutting head(one set) equipped at the cutting plate. Width of head is 9mm, can be replaced within 20 minutes.

(8) Crevice Tracking Indicator

Compared with similar machines, it is the nearest one closed to cutting blades,track the crevices exactly.

(9) Splash Protection Setting

There is a group of iron chain equipped front of the protection shield to protect from the splash chips,also the rubber shield equipped from of car frame.

(10) Safety Brake Setting

By put down the hand can achieve the brake system,no need to change hand or touch other assistant control system,which can stop immediately.

(11) Emergency Safe Stop System

Unique fast stop system, only 7 seconds to brake, equipped nearby the handle of operation people, which can activate and reduce the electric energy of engine and pow it off.The safe switch can stop the turning blades immediately.

(12) Controller Setting Of Depth And Scale

Easy to operate with the indicator of slotting depth.Scale tool display the slotting depth. Worker can control the slotting depth timing by 12v direct currency button switch to start the controller.


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